Software Engineering: E-Mail to Students

The following e-mail was sent to student of Software Engineering as a Human Activity, since many students may not be familiar with course delivery reversal ("course flipping").


Wednesday's class will be conducted in a way that is quite different from the traditional lecture (in fact, our class will be based on techniques from course delivery reversal).

Thus, to prepare yourself for class, please be aware of the following:
  1. You should have copies or quick access to the paper(s) during the class. You should have a pencil/pen. Availability of outlets cannot be guaranteed for those with laptops. 
  2. You should read all of the papers before coming to class. Unlike previous lectures, the presenter has no intention of re-summarizing the paper contents. That will be up to you. 
  3. Sit only in rows 1-3, unless these rows are filled to capacity. The remaining rows will be used for group activities. 
  4. Be prepared to move around. 
  5. There is no PowerPoint (well, not really), so be sure you sit close enough to where you can read the whiteboard. 
For more information on course delivery reversal, see the following workshop description for Why Relying Solely on the Lecture Method Can Diminish Students' Learning